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It can be tricky sniffing out the best local haunts on the Tokyo street food scene, but on this walking and food tour, you’ll gain an insider’s knowledge. Enjoy an immersive private or small-group tour that teaches you about everyday life in the eclectic local neighbourhoods of Nakano and Koenji, with delicious street food tastings along the way.


  • Venture into the offbeat neighbourhoods of Nakano and Koenji and drop by genuine local eateries on a 2 hour walking and street food tour.

  • Gain a new appreciation of local flavours and an eye-opening introduction to everyday life in the streets of Tokyo.

  • Get your hands dirty as we tear into a selection of popular street food eats from local vendors, independent markets and Japanese franchises. 

  • A small group or private walking and food tour ensures a personal and all access experience.

  • Unwind over a drink at a local izakaya and walk away a slew of new tips and tricks to squeeze the most out of this mesmerising city.


Ditch the commotion of Tokyo’s well trodden tourist hubs and venture into the charismatic pockets of West Tokyo on a ‘no fuss’ walking and street food jaunt.


Dive head first into the buzzing Tokyo neighbourhoods of Nakano and Koenji, as we explore the twisting alleyways, alternate subcultures and casual eateries that give these unique enclaves their distinctive character.


Feast upon a tailored selection of everyday eats from local vendors, independent markets and Japanese franchises, as we walk the nostalgic 'shotengai', boisterous eating and drinking ‘yokocho’ and contrasting calm of the residential backstreets.


Gain a detailed insight into life in the streets, as well as a new found confidence to take on Tokyo’s flourishing dining scene as a neighbourhood pro. Local eating and drinking hotspots, suggestions for offbeat neighbourhoods to explore, you’ll be equipped with it all as we cap off our outing over a drink at a quintessential ‘izakaya’.


So, lace up your walking boots, come hungry and don't be shy about getting your hands dirty on this Tokyo walking and street food tour.


Leave content, with a new appreciation of Tokyo life, local flavours and hopefully a few tips and tricks to squeeze that little bit extra out of this bewildering metropolis.



Tokyo West-Side Walking & Street Food Tour












Small group food tour ¥15,000

Private food tour from ¥10,000

11:30 am morning walk

4:00 pm afternoon walk

On request bookings available

JR Nakano Station

4 min train ride from Shinjuku

14 min train ride from Shibuya

2 hours

2 km (1.25 mi)

A basic level of fitness is recommended to fully enjoy this Tokyo walking and street food tour

Guests of all ages welcomed

Min 1 - Max 7

A minimum of 2 guests is required for the small group tour to operate

This is an English speaking walking and food tour welcoming foodies of all nationalities

5 Japanese street food eats from a revolving selection of local vendors, markets and popular franchises

Your choice of drink at a cosy neighbourhood izakaya

¥165 JR Train ticket from Nakano to Koenji

Checkout the   FAQ guide for further tour specifics and Tokyo culinary  insights



Musicians singing and playing the guitar in the streets of Koenji, Tokyo


Strut the sprawling 'shotengai' and back streets of Koenji. An infectious melting pot of subcultures, alternative music, vintage clothing stores and a thriving independent bar scene. Branded as the ‘birthplace of Japanese punk music’ and referenced in author Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84, a stroll through the character filled streets of Koenji should be high on the list of any discerning traveller.

Local tip: As a general rule of thumb, the best drinking spots in Tokyo are concealed beneath the roar of the overhead train lines. Amble down ‘Koenji Street’ and let the aroma of charcoaled grilled ‘yakitori’ and the howls of rowdy office workers guide you to your destination for the evening.

Gyoza Dokoro Tachibana under the JR Chuo Line in Koenji, Tokyo
The World Kaikan Building in the backstreets of Nakano
Japanese office workers heading out to lunch in Nakano, Tokyo


Step into the bustling alleyways of Nakano, one of Tokyo’s ‘most underrated neighbourhoods’. Nakano Broadway with its jumble of ‘otaku’ centric retailers is the primary drawcard for many but the real heart of Nakano lies in its cozy backstreets teeming with boisterous ‘izakaya’ and pocket-sized bars. Come nightfall, the ornate street-lamps and storefront lanterns transform Nakano’s paved alleys into a stunning adult playland.

Local Tip: There’s a ramen store slapped on every corner in Tokyo but if you go digging for recommendations in Nakano, Aoba will no doubt be the first word out of people’s mouths. With its luscious chunks of ‘chashu’ and signature pork and seafood broth, you’re all but guaranteed to be joining a hungry queue of locals, eager for a prized seat at the counter.

Customers queuing up for a ramen lunch at Chuka Soba Aoba in Nakano, Tokyo


Airbnb Tokyo West-Side Walking & Food Jaunt

"Andy really strikes a perfect balance between a relaxing experience and something educational. You'll get a lot out of the 2 hours - both from a culinary standpoint and an understanding of Japanese culture, but you won't feel rushed or hassled in doing it. The tour's location will really add to your Tokyo experience. While it's pretty easy to find tourism experiences in locations that are traditionally considered more tourist-y (like in Ginza or Harajuku), it's hard to find experiences like this for Nakano ( "Tokyo's most underrated neighborhood" according to GQ) and Koenji ("Tokyo's coolest neighborhood" according to the Guardian). Likewise, if you enjoy experiencing new foods - you're in real luck. You'll have the opportunity to sample foods that are popular in japan but that you probably haven't heard of outside the country."


Tripadvisor 2020 Travelers' Choice Award: Best Food Tours in Tokyo

"We had a fantastic two hours with Andy exploring Nakano and Koenji. We stopped at a variety of places to try delicious things (things we had been wanting to try but weren't sure what they were!) He pointed out interesting points and shops and gave us info we could use during the rest of our trip. We have done a lot of food tours around the world and this was among our favourites - definitely recommend taking this tour to explore an area you wouldn't otherwise see with a great guy!"


Google Reviews Link: Food Tour In Tokyo

This was a really fantastic Tokyo experience! Myself, my wife and our three boys (13, 12 & 11) had a great day with Andy, cycling around the west side of Tokyo. Andy was very knowledgeable, helpful, safety conscious (great when you have kids) and very engaging. He lead us on an exciting bike ride through the back streets of Tokyo and we feasted on some delicious, local Japanese snacks and lunch on route. Our whole family couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces at the end! Thanks Andy for a very memorable day!



Book your next Tokyo food tour instantly via the secure booking calendar below. For large groups, families with young children and dates and times not displayed feel free to give me a shout directly via andy@digtokyotours or the Contact Page.


  • This is a ‘no-fuss’ walking and street food experience with an emphasis on socialising, exploration and local discovery. There won’t be any major sightseeing or ‘fine dining’ stops along our chosen route.

  • Our day out together will be far from a refined eating experience. We'll constantly be on the move and snacking on our feet. Please be prepared to walk approximately 2 km / 1.2 mi, tackle stairs and get your hands dirty!

  • Group size, environmental factors and the speed in which the group eats and navigates the streets will all impact on the finishing time of our Tokyo street food tour. As a rough guide, it’s a 2 to 2.5 hour outing.

  • Japanese cuisine often contains meat and seafood elements, with ‘dashi’ being a common base ingredient. Please understand that we will be visiting typical local eateries and that this food tour DOES NOT cater to personal tastes, dietary requirements or food allergies. Feel free to tuck into as much or as little of the food as you wish.

  • Please appreciate that you have chosen an outdoor activity that may be impacted by the weather. If we encounter a rainy day, our walking and food tour generally proceeds as planned.

  • Be sure to check out DIG's FAQ and T&C pages for further tour specifics or feel free to contact me directly at any time!