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Ready To Go! Japanese Borders Open For Tourism.

With Japan's borders finally open, pretty much barrier free, I've been busy behind the scenes firing-up for what looks to be the gradual resumption of international tourism.

A big shout out to all the expats, military personnel, students and business travellers that have dropped in for a ride and bite to eat these past 2.5 years. Your support of DIG Tokyo Tours throughout the pandemic has been very much appreciated and won't be forgotten.

I've now opened my booking calendars to full availability and look forward to greeting and exploring the neighbourhoods with a sea of fresh faces. As always if you can't find a specific date or time that you're after feel free to get in touch and I'll do my best to accomodate the requirement.

- The rear band-brakes are de-squeaked on the mamachari bike fleet for the Tokyo West-Side Cycling & Food Tour.

- Beautiful 3Rensho and Samson bikes have been added to the Japanese vintage bike collection for the Tokyo West-Side Classic Road Bike Tour.

- And both Koenji and Nakano have seen an immense turnover in eateries which is both sad and exciting as we explore the new dining landscape on the Tokyo West-Side Walking & Street-Food Tour.

So take advantage of that weak Japanese Yen and come see what Tokyo and Japan has to offer.




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