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Small group cycling, street food, izakaya and family bike adventures on Tokyo's eclectic West-Side. Jump on a bike or join me on foot for a 'no fuss' local experience in the vibrant Tokyo neighbourhoods of Nakano, Koenji, Asagaya and Kichijoji that I call home.

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Office Address

3-9-10 Yamatocho, Nakano,

Tokyo Japan, 165-0034

Departure Points

Cycling Tours: Koenji Station, Tokyo City

6 minutes JR Train ride from Shinjuku Station.

Food Tours: Nakano Station, Tokyo City

4 minutes JR Train ride from Shinjuku Station.


Scouring online for that perfect tour to compliment your well planned trip can be a hit and miss proposition.

Will I enjoy the experience? Is the operator reputable? Am I paying for a service that I could easily undertake myself?

DIG Tokyo Tours, a sole operated local experience provider, sets out to remove these uncertainties by ensuring both you and your travelling companions an immersive neighbourhood adventure, unique to any other operator in the market.

From the moment of initial enquiry, to wishing you well with your onward travel, DIG is there to ensure your complete satisfaction and enjoyment.

Whether it be

  • Jumping on board a salvaged 'mamachari' bicycle for a casual cycling, walking and food experience through the backstreets and eclectic local neighbourhoods of Nakano, Koenji and Asagaya.

  • Loosening your belt buckle and and exploring the urban landscapes, dingy backstreets, neighbourhood drawcards and mouthwatering cuisine of the inner west on a Tokyo Street Food Jaunt.

  • Darting through the crooked backstreets, congested sidewalks and tranquil riverside bike paths of Nakano, Suginami, Musashino and Mitaka on a vintage Japanese road bike, meticulously handcrafted by a master frame builder.


  • Pulling up a bar stool at a hole-in-the-wall izakaya along the atmospheric JR Chuo Line and rubbing shoulders with inquisitive locals.


  • Bouncing between neighbourhood attractions with the family and feasting on a no fuss Japanese bento lunch together in the park.



Each and every local DIG experience is conducted in a safe and professional manner with your well-being and personal satisfaction as priority one.

So rest assured when choosing DIG Tokyo Tours for your next immersive Tokyo experience.

AbouT ME

Hi, I’m Andy

Hailing from Melbourne Australia, my young family and I reside in the laidback but eclectic neighbourhood of Koenji, Tokyo.

I have a passion for outdoor expeditions, Japanese bicycle restoration, a hot bowl of ramen, a cold beer and exploring the endless local treasures, personalities and culinary delights scattered throughout this bewildering city.

As an avid traveller, I’ve always found myself shying away from organised tours, particularly the large group variety.

  • Rehashed itineraries glued to the tourist trail.

  • Visits to uninspiring attractions and restaurants the tour operator has a mutual relationship with.

  • The general sensation of being dragged around on a leash.

I launched DIG Tokyo Tours as an alternative to this tour model, with the aim of crafting no fuss, immersive local experiences that I’m proud to associate with my name and reputation.


So jump on a bike or join me on foot in experiencing a less travelled side of the city that I call home.


I hope to see you out and about in the streets of Tokyo soon and best of luck with those travel plans!


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