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Socially Responsible Tokyo Bike Tours and Street Food Experiences

A Japanese statue in Tokyo wearing a disposable mask during the covid-19 epidemic. Passed on a bike tour in Tokyo.
Keeping fit and healthy during the Coronavirus epidemic.

The days of kicking off a bike tour in Tokyo with a handshake may have abruptly come to an end, but DIG Tokyo Tours has been hard at work adapting its local outings to the current COVID-19 environment.

International tourism is still quite a way off here and if the Tokyo Olympics do go ahead in 2021 it’ll more than likely be a shadow of its former self.

With the downturn in tourism I’ve been working hard maintaining and updating the classic road bike fleet, strengthening my Tokyo bike tour and street food offerings, forging promising new relationships with tourism partners and looking after my ever nutty children while the public schools have been closed.

During this period DIG Tokyo Tours is taking all necessary precautions to keep its guests, service providers and local community members fit and healthy. For any concerns regarding tour itineraries or specific health and safety measures feel free give me a shout.

The bikes are raring to go and the local businesses along the tour routes are all eager to dish-up a serving of their local specialities and signature Japanese hospitality to a new wave of international guests.

So for your next Tokyo cycling tour or street food voyage through Tokyo’s vibrant west-side, be sure to say hello and know that DIG has your health, enjoyment and the wellbeing of the local community (and myself!) covered.



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