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Browse a handful of the testimonials generously left by enthusiastic guests before booking your next intimate street food jaunt or bike tour in Tokyo


To get a better feel for DIG Tokyo Tours and the style of my services, feel free to scour the 1000+ reviews on Airbnb Experiences, TripAdvisor and Google Reviews.

Decorative billboard on the Tokyo subway system

"Perfect perfect perfect. This experience is highly recommended! It was the best way to visit different neighborhoods and hidden spots that you wouldn’t see or find on your own. Andy was awesome, super friendly, helpful, generous and great company. He really gave us a taste of how it is to live in Japan, it was a cultural immersion on steroids. When the experience ended, he was kind enough to go to the Shinkansen ticketing office with us to help us reserve our seats. He also gave us really cool recommendations on how to spend the rest of the afternoon. All in all, we’re so glad we did it. Thanks Andy and best of luck."


New York, United States

A beautiful narrow backstreet in Asagaya, Tokyo

"This is a great way to spend the day! Andy does exactly what I think an Airbnb experience should be- he shares his personal Tokyo. As an Australian who has lived in Japan for more than 14 years and brought up his kids there, he is a perfect person to de-code Japan for an International audience. He shared his local area with us, shared loads of local foods and ways of eating, and painstakingly thought through anything along the way that travellers might find curious or different and planned in explanations. He is really receptive and can alter routes or activities to suit his crowd. A really nice guy to spend four hours with. I also loved being able to stretch my legs on a bike, which I would not feel comfortable to do on my own. I hugely recommend this experience, even if you are only in Tokyo short time- you’ll definitely learn and see things you never would alone! After having been on several business trips always staying in the centre of Tokyo surrounded by high rise buildings, the best way I can describe this experience is to say that THIS is low rise Tokyo. If you’re comfortable on a bike - go do it!"



An elderly Japanese man walking in front of an old store in Nishiogikubo

"The tour was terrific - a great introduction to Tokyo. We did the tour on our first day in Japan and Andy provided us with plenty of cultural insights which have definitely helped us to navigate Tokyo and cultural norms. Andy was friendly and laid-back. The tour itself was diverse and showed us an unexpectedly relaxed and peaceful side of Tokyo. Andy also showed us some hip shopping spots and invited us to eat some delicious food. The bike riding was fun and not too hard. We got to ride along a beautiful river through serene parkland too, which was lovely. We highly recommend this tour- I only gave it 5 stars because I could not give it 10!"



Best bike tours in Tokyo 2019: Tripadvisor award
A kakigori sign waving in the wind in Suginami, Tokyo

"When visiting Tokyo you can not miss Andys cycling and food jaunt tour - the best way to get to know local culture shown from a fun "local" perspective. Andy is that fun easy going friend you just want to hang out with to show you around when visiting Tokyo. He is full of insight and knows Tokyo's west side culture from a local and an expat's perspective. I encourage everyone to bike Tokyo's street with Andy to see places and taste food with the knowledge of a local that you will otherwise not experience as a tourist. I had so much fun in this tour!"



Carp flags displayed along a Tokyo river

"El Tour de Andy es una gran oportunidad de ver otro lado de Tokyo. Lo recomiendo ampliamente su quieres ver como es la vida cotidiana en una de los vecindarios de la ciudad. El Tour en bicicleta es muy divertido y a la vez también bastante relajante."



A community festival in Asagaya's shotengai

"Die Tour war super. Andy ist ein toller Guide, sehr freundlich und aufmerksam. Ein sehr entspanntes Erlebnis, wie wir es uns vorgestellt haben. Das Fahrradfahrern durch den Bezirk, wo Andy wohnt, macht Spaß und es tat gut sich mal anders fort zu bewegen. Das tolle an der Tour ist aber eigentlich, was Andy in der Beschreibung bescheiden als kleine Snacks beschreibt. Er hat typisch japanische, einfache, Spezialitäten ausgewählt und eigentlich sind wir eher von Snack zu Snack gefahren und hatten zum Abschluss noch ein nettes Mittagessen. Alles sehr lecker und als nicht ortskundiger unmöglich bei der unübersichtlichen Auswahl die guten kleinen Läden von den nicht so Guten zu unterscheiden. Wir würden die Tour eher zu Beginn vom Urlaub empfehlen, da man viele Eindrücke bekommt, die vor allem zu Beginn neu sein werden. Wir haben die Tour zwar am letzten Tag gemacht, es war aber trotzdem eine tolle Sache, weil es einfach ein sehr netter Vormittag war. Wie gesagt, für uns war das Radfahren nur ein Teilaspekt, es ist eigentlich ein entspannter Vormittag mit Andy in seinem Viertel. Grossartig :)"



Japanese residents at a bookstore under the JR Chuo Train Line in Koenji, Tokyo

"Hi Andy We so enjoyed the bike tour with you. We did a bike tour in Kyoto just days before and it was good but with you it was different it wasn't just riding a bike in Japan you informed us of so much about Japan and the lifestyle in Japan we found very interesting. We especially enjoyed the food you so kindly bought for us to try and taste "that was a real treat" and then to finish off with a meal was very thoughtful kind and generous we felt. You made us feel special being treated and the bike ride was calming and refreshing the route you took to show us was perfect. At times it was busy and we loved that too to experience how to ride a bike in Japan amongst the people cars and more bikes was so much fun. We loved it and will come again with our 2 sons we have told and now they wish to experience. We have been to Japan a few times but this was the first time to do bike rides that we are very happy we did. Thank you Andy for a memorable ride in Japan. Wish you all the best. You have demonstrated a great way to see Japan on a bike simple yet memorable. Kindest regards Anthony and Lana Nathan Gold Coast Australia."



A Japanese shooting range

"Japan has a strong cycling culture and to immerse in it, even if only for 4 hours, was super fun. Passing through the residential areas, alleyways, parks and various interesting spots in the Suginami ward, some spaces might be a little tight but completely manageable for people who can cycle leisurely (even in winter). Andy was super friendly and happy to share his experiences in Japan, the cultures and the many delicious local flavours. Definitely check this out as a great way of exploring Suginami, a very different feel from exploring by foot. Look forward to the other upcoming routes!"



A decorative painting on the wall in Tachinomifutakun in Asagaya



Crumbling statues at a Shrine in Tokyo's neighbourhoods

"I highly recommend Andy’s bike tour!!!! He was an amazing host and guide, he showed us parts of the city I doubt we ever would have thought to explore on our own! Truthfully neither my boyfriend nor I are very adventurous eaters, and I am vegetarian, so a food tour is not something we normally would have thought to go on. It ended up being amazing, even if you ahve dietary restraints theres really no reason to worry at all, Andy will take care of you!!! He really put in the effort to customize the tour for our particular group, when I told him I had a big sweet tooth he changed the plans to take us to some traditional sweet places, and even pointed out other types of foods I might like! He was really good at making sure everyone was enjoying themselves, asking our group what we preferred, stopping whenever we wanted to take pictures, and more. My only regret is that I was so into the tour I forgot to take very many pictures. (And that we were a little bit too early for cherry blossom season!) If I ever make it back to Tokyo, I will absolutely do this tour again hands down. Its honestly a great deal, especially considering the fact that he limits the groups to small numbers. We never felt rushed or herded, it was overall just a nice, fun, and relaxing day! PS. I agree with what some other reviewers have said, do the tour near the beginning of your trip!! Andy points out a lot of fascinating cultural things that you can keep an eye out for during the rest of your trip!"


ARIZONA, United States

A giant pigeon at Mihato Koen Park

"A unique experience and insight into the lesser known aspects of Tokyo life. Andy was a standout host from the start with lots of advice and communication on what to expect and bring to the ride and then taking us on an adventure through the streets and lanes of everyday Tokyo we would never have discovered on our own. We sampled some exquisite street snacks along the way and had a glimpse into the real life of suburban Tokyo which is so different to the touristy impression most people get from the main city centres. Even through the weather wasn't the best, the route changed slightly to cater for our comfort and we all agreed it would become one of the best memories of our Japan trip. Andy is a cool host with lots of invaluable tips and advice about all things Japan and the riding adventure is great value and good fun. We'd do it again next time. Many thanks!"



Bottles of Asahi and Kirin Beer in ice outside Yakitori Ebisu in Nishiogikubo

"Sometimes the best tours are given by locals rather than tour guides. Andy knew the three cities like the back of his hand. The tour is great for newbies to the city. This was my third time in Tokyo so some of the facts I already knew. But the best part is that I had originally thought riding a bike in Tokyo would be scary. But what Andy showed us was that there was a huge bike culture in the city. And I don't mean cyclists in spandex on fancy bikes. I mean locals like moms, and kids, and grannies riding the humble Mamachari. I was so astounded that I want to buy a bike and move to Tokyo. Highly recommended."



A handpainted Japanese rollerdoor

"A big thank you to Andy for making the west side food ride so memorable, and the definite highlight of my trip. Being a bit of a foodie, it can get a bit tiresome doing your standard "walking" Food tours, and not being one for crowded touristy places, I'm so glad I came across Andy's tour. It was the most fun filled 4 hours I have had in all my 4 trips to Tokyo. From the start, it wasn't just about the food, we got a very personable, friendly and funny Andy, who took great care to make sure we all got to our meeting place, and then asked us what we liked. I love the fact that each tour can be different depending on the group's preferences. I had a really super group of people and we all took care to shout out when a car or pole was coming up. Andy was informative about the areas we rode though, the punk histories and jazz joints of Koenji and Asagaya, and the mini manga that is Nakano. Nothing beats riding though these streets, and getting a feel of the true locals and the beauty of this area. Andy put together the perfect combination of cycling, walking and eating. I just adored the final stop at this place that seemed to have stopped in time where people still passed time fishing for goldfish, and then the most picturesque and relaxing ride back through the parklands surrounding the Zenpukuji River. Thank you Andy, I will definitely be doing another tour with you when I'm next back in Tokyo. Mamarchari bikes are very cool!"



Koenji street art

"Highest of recommendations! We did three cycling tours in Tokyo, and Andy's was the best (and the other two were great too). Andy took us on an awesome route through neighborhoods and streets that we would never have found on our own. We stopped at several different places to taste local snacks/small meals along our route. We also had a great time exploring various places with great Cherry Blossom views. Andy taught us a good bit about Japanese culture, and was very friendly and fun to be with. You'd be missing out if you don't do Andy's ride."


ATLANTA, United States

Creepy dolls at Nakano Broadway

"My husband and I had a fantastic time cycling around Tokyo with Andy. It was great to connect with a local and we saw tons of things we never would have seen while exploring the more touristy areas of Tokyo on our own. Andy took us to a bunch of his favorite spots and made sure that we were well fed with snacks! We tried a really delicious curry-stuffed savory-doughnut-thing which was a huge (pleasant!) surprise, and a bunch of other little Japanese delights. Andy struck a great balance between leading the tour to places he knew about and tailoring the experience to things we said we were interested in. We mentioned, for example, that we hadn't tried soba yet, and he brought us to a little gem of a soba spot where we capped off our afternoon with some yummy cold noodles--the perfect thing on a hot July day!! Andy was easy to get along with and we genuinely enjoyed hanging out with him the whole time. He was waiting for us at his local train station when he arrived and was quick to pick us out among the small crowd. He made sure we were fitted correctly to the bicycles before we set off, gave us a few tips about cycling in Tokyo, and made sure to check in with us throughout the ride to make sure we were comfortable and the pace was working for us. Everything was seamless from start to finish. If you are in Tokyo and want to see the city from a new perspective, and hang out with a super cool guy, we can't recommend this experience with Andy enough!! Do it!!"


New York, United States

A man walking past a Pachinko Palor in Shimokitazawa

"Jättebra tur! Kan verkligen rekommendera Andys Tokyo West-Side Cycling & Food Jaunt. Vi var fyra vänner som var ute i tre timmar med Andy och vi hade det väldigt trevligt. Bra rutt där vi fick åka omkring i mysiga kvarter och fina grönområden och prova på fantastisk mat/snacks. Andy var väldigt trevlig och en bra guide!"



Eating lunch at Hattifnatt Koenji, Tokyo

"Absolutely wonderful experience winding through the back streets and along the river in West Tokyo with Andy! Would 100% recommend, especially for solo travelers. Definitely a highlight of my trip to Japan! It's an amazing tour that includes a different side of Tokyo than the skyscrapers etc of the central area, as you get to see where locals live and hang out, and Andy does a great job of explaining unique aspects of Japanese culture. We saw everything from a beautiful Buddhist temple to a specialty toy shop, and enjoyed several Japanese snacks and lunch! All food, a drink of your choice, and bike rental/parking is included so it's really a phenomenal deal (especially considering the tour lasts for 4 hours)! Don't hesitate, definitely book this fun and friendly experience. My group got along so well we ended up going out for drinks that night and got to experience some Tokyo nightlife in authentic, local hole in the wall places, which I never would have known about or done on my own. Such a great trip! Book today!"



A cute Japanese street sign

This is the perfect experience to do any time but particularly great early in your visit to Tokyo. Andy took us to several places to buy the best quality Japanese snacks (that he bought for us), with a little commentary on the food that was often funny (probably not meant to be - he's just a thoughtful and humorous person). I found I was more discerning about the snacks I saw everywhere after I'd done this bike tour, and started using my nose and eyes more to seek out the better quality stuff. I also had more confidence to walk into side street snack stores and place an order for something I might never have otherwise considered. It's a great experience, and Andy is perfect for it - he's down-to-earth and easy-going and keeps everyone included.



Hidden backstreets of Koenji on the Tokyo West-Side Classic Road Bike Tour

"Andy es súper amigable, amable y de buen trato. Las bicicletas que brinda están en excelentes condiciones! Definitivamente es una experiencia recomendable, en particular para ir hacia el lado local y disfrutar la ciudad."



Anime posters along a wall in one of Shibuya's side streets

"We loved the cycling trip with Andy, it is a great way to see some lesser known neighbourhoods and to get a slice of local life. Andy was super friendly and we learned a lot about how Japanese live..and eat! Food was great, we tried lots of different snacks and had a nice and simple lunch. It was a perfect mix between being active, sightseeing and getting a taste of Japanese culture. We would definitely recommend this tour. Hope to be back some day!"



A Japanese lady wearing a mask during the corona virus in Tokyo

"Outstanding bike and food tour! Excellent value for money! We took Andy’s tour our first morning in Tokyo. It was so nice to get the locals experience and quiz him on Japanese life at the very start of our vacation. The food and biking adventure were thoroughly entertaining. Andy took us to all the local spots and gave us the confidence for the rest of our trip on how to order and indulge in all Japanese delicacies. Highly recommend!"



Ichiban-gai at night in Asagaya, Tokyo

"If you wish to see the non-touristy sides of Tokyo’s everyday lifestyle, then gift yourself this tour. I did it on my very first morning in Japan, and it was truly the best way to start the exploration of Tokyo. We had 6 ppl on our group, the max that Andy takes, and we had both young and old, athletic and non-athletic, and the ride was easily manageable for everyone :) Andy planned it really well, without any dangers of Tokyo traffic, or strenuous stretches, yet plenty lively and engaging!! Andy strategically built in rest stops at 4 local food spots. In his experience fee he included a drink, a yummy snack, a delicious dessert, and authentic buckwheat noodles too! Andy shares lots of cool insider stories along the way, and always had a great, easy going and fun attitude while showing us the different streets & areas :) It was the perfect length and pace too. If you are not doing it while you are in Tokyo, you are totally missing out on this exceptional value and most memorable experience!!"



Two performers at the Koenji Awaodori Festival

"도쿄의 골목골목을 다녀보고 싶은 분이라면 정말 추천합니다! 현지인들이 다니는 작고 예쁜 골목들로 자전거를 타고 달릴 수 있어요. 라이딩 중간에 먹었던 길거리 음식과 간단한 식사도 다 맛있었습니다. 호스트 Andy의 친절한 안내와 장소에 대한 설명도 정말 좋았고 일정이 잘 짜여진 트립이었습니다. 추천해요ㅎㅅㅎ"



Two Japanese girls waering kimonos at Asagaya's Tanabata Festival

"I am just going to echo the hundreds of positive responses that are already on Airbnb for this bike tour. My boyfriend and I were blown away by this experience! Andy was so informative and it was such a dynamic tour that included food, riding bikes, and even looking at popular streets and interesting shops. It is well worth the money and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Andy is a cool guy and helped make our trip even better."



Japanese Level brand road bike

"Andy's energy is contagious! I had the most pleasant morning cruising my way through narrowed alleyways and beautiful river side bike trails. It really was one of the best ways to get to know the local infrastructures and lifestyles. He is friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely eager to accommodate everybody's interest. I'd definitely come back the next time I'm in Tokyo!"



A yellow submarine inspired piece of play equipment in a Japanese park

"I have to say that Andy's tour through Tokyo was hands down one of the best bike tours I've ever been on. (And I've been on quite a few -- all over the world. If you're feeling hesitant, I have to say that it's honestly the best way to see a new city.) Andy himself was extremely knowledgable about the city and about the neighborhoods he took us through, and definitely guided us through some really cool parts of West Tokyo that my boyfriend and I wouldn't have found on our own. Not only was he a great host -- he did a fantastic job of checking in with everyone and making sure everyone felt comfortable on their bikes. He also catered the day to what our group wanted to do! We ate so much good food, and traveled down a lot of hidden bike pathways with incredible views... I only wish that we had the chance to do another bike ride with him! A+ rating from us here in NYC. Hope to see you again next time, Andy! I know we'll be back!"

Jennifer & Jack

New York, United States

Best Bike Tours In Tokyo: 2020 Award DIG Tokyo Tours
Tabatha shop in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo

"This is a fantastic way to see some of the less touristy parts of Tokyo and sample numerous Japanese snacks and food and I highly recommend it as part of any visit to Tokyo. Andy is a great host. Friendly, easy to chat to and knowledgeable of the area, Japanese customs and most particularly the local food. Riding the bikes is easy and the pace is gentle, allowing you to take in the sights and sounds as you glide through the town. Communicating with Andy before the tour was a breeze and he followed up straight after with a list of the foods we had tried and some further recommendations on what to look out for during our remaining time in Tokyo. In short: get it booked, you won't regret it."



Popcorn machine at Musashino Gardens Fishing Pond in Suginami, Tokyo

"This was a really memorable and awesome way to spend a morning/afternoon exploring Tokyo! I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in seeing more of the local life, trying all of the best Japanese snacks in one shot, and learning interesting tidbits about the culture and norms in Tokyo! Andy was a really fantastic host- he was so easy to talk to, is so warm and open about his life, and gave really great recommendations for other foods and spots to check out! He showed us all the interesting biking-related infrastructure and technology around Suginami, and I feel like I just got a really good feel of daily life in eastern Tokyo after our experience! Even my friends who live in Tokyo were impressed that I'd basically eaten all of the best snack foods in one day and had such a unique experience roaming around the city!"


SAN FRANCISCO, United States

A bonsai tree in the sun in the backstreets of Tokyo

"The cycling trip with Andy around the Nakano and Asagaya areas in Tokyo is a fantastic way to experience how a Tokyo suburb neighborhood works. You get to experience where the local shops, see cute children in schools, visiting temples and also, sample delicious local food fare. The cycling was pleasant and not tiring. Andy made an effort to even show us how bicycle parking and impounding works in Tokyo. Such a clever system Japanese has invented! Thank you, Andy, for making our trip in Tokyo fun. It was a great birthday present to Faith, and she enjoyed herself tremendously! Best, Sheeli and Faith"



A yatai owner getting ready for a Tokyo matsuri

"If you are looking for a great diversion in Tokyo, Andy’s Bike Jaunt is the thing to do. Whether you are a local or visiting you will enjoy yourself. I️ had the chance to go by myself and the good fortune to meet some great people in our group. Andy is a great guide and host, sharing tidbits about the area around his neighborhood. If you have doubts going to an area away from the usual tourist destinations, it is even more of a reason to ride with Andy. We rode through alleyways, main roads and side streets. Midway through we meandered alongside a beautiful river. We stopped along the way for snacks as well as a great lunch. Saw first hand how to park your bike in Tokyo. We even had a chance to go through some amazing shopping areas. You will want to return! I️ highly recommend joining Andy! It was fun and a fantastic opportunity to see daily life in an area of Tokyo you wouldn’t normally go. Thank Andy!"


TEXAS, United States

A nostalgic bookstore in the hip neighbourhood of Koenji

"Wow! This was one of the highlights of my Tokyo trip! Staying in Shibuya was fun, but quite overwhelming (considering I was also there during Halloween), so coming to these quaint neighborhoods through Andy's bike ride was such a great break. I loved each area we went through; the stroll along the river was my favorite—it was so peaceful and pretty. The snacks were all on point too, none of which I would've known to try, if it weren't for Andy. Andy has a great attitude and he made the experience really enjoyable for all of us. Highly recommend!"



Hidden street art in the backstreets of Tokyo

My husband and I booked this tour and were so pleased we did. The small group was fantastic and was the perfect size. Andy’s local knowledge was immense and the local laneways and eateries he took us to were just brilliant. Loved how it was totally off the tourist track. My husband and I ended up returning to a few of areas for more amazing eating and shopping. Andy has been living in Japan for a long time and his local knowledge is immense - he was just such a fantastic tour guide. This was a real highlight of our trip to Tokyo.



A manga inspired pachinko paster in Suginami, Tokyo

"We really enjoyed cycling with Andy. We tried some Japanese snacks and drinks, which were good. We especially liked riding bicycles in the park. Calm and peaceful park along the river. Our host, Andy tried to show us ordinary Japanese life style as much as he can and introduce many things about Japan. And lunch was perfect with good people and good beer. Highly recommended! 평범한 여행이 될수 있었는데 자전거투어를 통해 특별한 여행이 되었네요! 적극 추천합니다!"



A retro Japanese childrens bicycle

"Ballade très sympa . Andy est un papa australien de deux jeunes enfants dont la maman est japonaise . Il aime nous communiquer son amour du quartier où ils vivent et nous faire connaître des lieux typiques et des mets typiques de la vie quotidienne des japonais où nous ne serions pas allés seuls. Son anglais est bien agréable pour ceux qui ne parlent pas japonais. À consommer sans modération ! Merci Andy Catherine Bruno Nicolas Sarah"



Japanese men celebrating at a summer festival in Asagaya

Andy was a genuine and lovely chap with a passion for Tokyo! He took us to some amazing spots and let us ripe around the back streets on his cool bikes. It's a great way to see a lot of Tokyo in just a few hours and gets you out of the big city buildings and into the neighborhood alleys with real people. You can tell in his passion that no two rides are the same and his love of good food keeps those pedals turning. I'd definitely do it again if we had time.



Kosugiyu Sento bathing area in Koenji, Tokyo

"Fabulous cycling and food experience. Andy is the most enthusiastic guide who showed us the backstreets of Tokyo and where the locals live and eat. I have been to Japan three times and got to experience Tokyo in a different light. The cycling was easy and on fab retro bikes we weaved through the back streets of some of the best little bars and tiny eateries in the area. I enjoyed all of the food. I got to taste the best Gyoza ever in a small market type eatery, it really was sooo good. My favourite snack was a dango, a bouncy, chewy, smooth rice ball (3) on a stick grilled over coals and then coated in a sweet soy glaze! I went back for more after the tour finished. Such a fun time with the Family."



Daibon festival in Yamatocho, Koenji

"Had a fun full day of exploring the locals scene on the west side of Tokyo. We actually found it to be way more interesting than the regular touristy sights. We also had a chance to try a variety of tasty snacks along the way. We would have never have been able to find some of these places on our own. It was so fun that we went back to explore some of the areas on our own after the tour. The bike tour was one of the highlights of our trip. Andy is a great host and tailored the pace to the comfort of everyone in our group."



A retro coin laundry in the backstreets of Koenji

"We had a great time on Andy’s food and cycling jaunt. It was great to ride a bike and to experience daily life in a couple of cool parts of Tokyo. Andy introduced us to neighbourhoods and to a bunch of foods and local eateries we might not had discovered ourselves. Andy is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide who’s tour definitely was one of our highlights in Tokyo. Highly recommended!"



An entrace curtain at the front of a Tokyo store

"My wife and I took this bike tour with Andy, and it was just an awesome experience! Andy was very personable and knowledgeable. Riding the bikes with Andy through the small streets and alleys and passing through these awesome neighborhoods was just amazing. As we went through those streets, Andy would stop and explain about those neighborhoods. It's really amazing the local knowledge he has. Also, the other best part was trying out some local treats. Andy took us to some local shacks to try some awesome Japanese treats which we wouldn't have tried our have known otherwise. We really had an amazing time with Andy and this tour. He really made it super fun and I'd highly recommend anyone coming to Tokyo to try this tour out with Andy and get a feel for the local culture. You wouldn't be disappointed. Thanks Andy! Would definitely recommend this to my friends."

Muji & Deb


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