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Cycle the backstreets of West Tokyo on an exquisitely handcrafted Japanese classic road bike. Pedal the urban sprawl, tranquil residential pockets and picturesque riverside bike paths away from the tourist hotspots. No sightseeing stops on this 20 km+ Tokyo bike tour, you'll be experiencing the entire ‘show’ from the comfort of your saddle.


  • Cycle the backstreets of West Tokyo on an exquisitely handcrafted Japanese vintage road bike.

  • Gain an eye-opening introduction into life in the streets of Tokyo from the comfort of your saddle.

  • Break free from the tourist crowds and ride Tokyo as a true local.

  • A private bike tour ensures an outing tailored to your cycling expertise.

  • No sightseeing stops on this brisk 20+ km Tokyo bike tour, it's an unadulterated cycling jaunt through the captivating west-side of town.


Adjust your seat post and get set for a whirlwind cycling tour through the local neighbourhoods of Tokyo on a classic 'steel' road bike, handcrafted by a Japanese master frame-builder.

Sought by collectors and bicycle connoisseurs throughout the globe, nothing compares to gracing the streets on the saddle of a vintage chromoly bike that's been meticulously crafted with Japanese precision and beauty.

Cycle in style on a rotating lineup of classic road and track bike frames from the revered Japanese bicycle workshops of Zunow, 3Rensho, Nagasawa, Toei, Ganwell, Kalavinka, Nakagawa, Cherubim and company.

Backstreets, sidewalks and riverside cycling trails; this 20 km+ Tokyo vintage bike tour will provide it all as we ride the eclectic Tokyo wards of Nakano, Suginami, Musashino, and Mitaka on the inner west side of this bustling city.














Tokyo West-Side Classic Road Bike Tour

Private ride from ¥15,000

9:00 am morning ride

2:00 pm afternoon ride

On request bookings available

JR Koenji Station

6 min train ride from Shinjuku

16 min train ride from Shibuya

2.5 hours

20+ km (12.5+ mi)

A intermediate level of fitness and competency on a road bike is recommended to fully enjoy this vintage cycling tour

The minimum age for the ride is 16. For families with younger children, please enquire about a more suitable cycling option

Min 1 - Max 2

This is an English speaking bike tour welcoming cyclists of all nationalities

A handcrafted Japanese chromoly road bike or comfortable cruiser style bicycle

Your choice of drink from a neighbourhood vending machine

Cycling liability insurance; just in case!

None! This is an all inclusive bike ride

Checkout the   FAQ guide for further tour specifics and Tokyo cycling insights



A japanese man riding a mama-chari bicycle down Look Street in Koenji Tokyo


Pedal the sprawling 'shotengai' and back streets of Koenji. An infectious melting pot of subcultures, alternative music, vintage clothing stores and a thriving independent bar scene. Branded as the ‘birthplace of Japanese punk music’ and referenced in author Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84, a stroll through the character filled streets of Koenji should be high on the list of any discerning traveller.

Asagaya Shimai Bar in Ichibangai Asagaya


Get a whiff of nostalgia as we discover Asagaya's quaint streets lined with live music bars, retro coffee shops and mom-and-pop ‘izakayas’. Celebrated as an artistic enclave for literature, jazz music and independent cinema, there’s no shortage of neighbourhood treasures to keep you enthralled.

A man walking across a large zebra crossing in Nakano, Tokyo


Dart through the bustling alleyways of Nakano, one of Tokyo’s ‘most underrated neighbourhoods’. Nakano Broadway with its jumble of ‘otaku’ centric retailers is the primary drawcard for many but the real heart of Nakano lies in its cozy backstreets teeming with boisterous ‘izakaya’ and pocket-sized bars. Come nightfall, the ornate street-lamps and storefront lanterns transform Nakano’s paved alleys into a stunning adult playland.

Juhachiban Ramen in Ogikubo, Suginami, Tokyo


Cycle the stream of determined bus and taxi drivers, ferrying workers in and out of Ogikubo Station. Widely credited as the ‘origin of Tokyo style ramen’ no ramen connoisseur should bypass this underdog of a neighbourhood when embarking on a culinary expedition of the city.

Customers dining outside Ebisu Yakitori in Nisgi-Ogikubo, Tokyo


Bask in the warmth of Nishiogikubo’s tranquil streets and village-like atmosphere as we roll through this gem of a neighbourhood. Antique collectors, Japanese curry-rice aficionados and late night drinkers will all find themselves right at home in this cherished pocket of Tokyo.

Customers eating and drinking at Iseya Yakitori in Kichijoji, Tokyo


Dismount and take a breather in Inokashira Park, Kichijoji’s public backyard. Routinely crowned as ‘Tokyo’s most sought after residential address’, Kichijoji’s trendy shopping arcades, rustic drinking ‘yokocho’ and abundance of natural parkland make a great detour for travellers looking to uncover the charms of everyday Tokyo life.

A Japanese woman walking down Star Raod in Asagaya, Tokyo


Airbnb Tokyo West-Side Classic Road Bike Jaunt

"Awesome ride! Andy is a great guy and took me on an awesome route around the city. If you love biking and exploring cities this is the trip for you. The vintage road bikes were amazing and I would highly recommend them for anyone who has ridden a road bike before and appreciates vintage bikes. If not you’ll be better off with a cruiser bike and have just as much fun. I would definitely go on another ride with Andy!"


Tripadvisor 2020 Travelers' Choice Award: Best Tokyo Cycling Tours

"My friend and I did Andy's vintage road bike tour a couple of weeks ago and it was one of the coolest ways for us to see Tokyo! Andy was easy to find and communication leading up to the tour was great. The tour itself lasted about 2 and a half hours, with a few stops in the middle to take a breather and chat. We meandered from Koenji station through a couple of cool neighborhoods and then toured through the suburbs to the west. These were areas we certainly would never have experienced if not for the tour - and the bikes allowed us to cover a lot of ground at a comfortable pace. Andy's knowledge of the surrounding areas was excellent - he gave us great suggestions of where to go out for food and nightlife along the way!

Andy has a handful of very high quality vintage japanese steel frame road bikes, and this was one of the primary draws for me. As a fellow bike nerd, it was great to talk about the bikes that Andy has restored and about the history of the superb bikes we were riding.

I highly recommend this tour!"


Google Reviews Link: Japanese Road Bike Tour

"If we could we would ride all day every day with Andy. We got to see a side of Tokyo that as a tourist you usually don’t get to see – the neighborhoods where the people of Tokyo live and spend time. Lots of beautiful parks and hidden paths that take you away from the hustle of Tokyo’s center and into a much calmer world. Andy took great care of us: picked us up, made sure we weren’t tired and were doing good during the ride, and showed us the way back to our station. We also learned a lot about living in Tokyo from Andy. Please make sure you can comfortably ride over 20km at a medium pace, and you will have the best time."



Book your next Tokyo bike tour instantly via the secure booking calendar below. For large groups, families with young children and dates and times not displayed feel free to give me a shout directly via andy@digtokyotours or the Contact Page.


  • This Tokyo cycling tour has been tailored as an unadulterated road bike ride through the backstreets of West Tokyo. Formulaic sightseeing stops and historical commentary are not on the itinerary.

  • For your enjoyment and personal safety, you should be competent on a performance road bike, equipped with drop handlebars and downtube shifters, in often tight, crowded and challenging conditions. Basic cruiser style bicycles, that seat riders in a more ergonomic position, are available for those not comfortable or competent on a road bike.

  • Guests should be able to comfortably cycle 20 km+ / 13 mi+ at a safe but moderate pace on crowded sidewalks, roads, uneven surfaces and through often testing conditions.

  • Bike helmets are optional for cyclists over the age of 12 in Tokyo but can be provided for all participants on request.

  • Backpacks and other personal items can be stored safely at my secure bike garage if you don’t wish to carry them along for the ride.

  • Group size, environmental factors and the speed in which the group rides will all impact on our finishing time. As a rough guide, it’s a 2.5 hour experience.

  • Please appreciate that you’ve chosen an outdoor activity that may be impacted by the weather. In the event of rain or wet and slippery conditions, this road bike tour may be cancelled.

  • By attending the Tokyo West-Side Classic Road Bike Tour you acknowledge the adventurous nature of the ride and that participation can involve a degree of personal risk. Cycling liability insurance is included for the cycling portion of our experience but you are expected to possess comprehensive travel insurance to protect yourself from any unforeseen incidents.

  • Be sure to check out DIG's FAQ and T&C pages for further tour specifics or feel free to contact me directly at any time!