Cycle the backstreets of West Tokyo on an exquisitely handcrafted Japanese classic road bike. Pedal the urban sprawl, tranquil residential pockets and picturesque riverside bike paths away from the tourist hotspots. No sightseeing stops on this 20 km+ Tokyo bike tour, you'll be experiencing the entire ‘show’ from the comfort of your saddle.

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What to bring


2.5 hours.

Private or small group road bike tour.

From ¥5,000 per guest.


  • A handcrafted Japanese chromoly road bike or comfortable cruiser style bicycle.

  • Bottled drink of your choice.

  • Helmet (usage optional).

  • Public transport requirements.

  • Discretionary spending.

  • Comfortable footwear. 

  • Cycling and weather appropriate clothing.

  • An adventurous spirit.

Tokyo West-Side Classic Road Bike tours are conducted daily.

For larger groups or dates and times not published on the booking calendar, please enquire directly for availability.


  • Nakano: Nakano City.

  • Suginami: Koenji, Asagaya, Ogikubo, Nishi-Ogikubo.

  • Musashino: Kichijoji.

  • Mitaka: Mitaka City.


  • Ride the eclectic Tokyo neighbourhoods of Nakano, Koenji, Asagaya, Ogikubo, Nishi-Ogikubo, Kichijoji and Mitaka on a handcrafted chromoly road bike.

  • Backstreets, sidewalks and riverside bike paths; we'll ride them all.

  • Cycle in style on a rotating lineup of road frames from the revered Japanese workshops of Zunow, 3Rensho, Nagasawa, Toei, Ganwell, Kalavinka, Nakagawa, Cherubim and company.


Adjust your seat post and get set for a whirlwind cycling tour through the local neighbourhoods of Tokyo on a classic 'steel' road bike, handcrafted by a Japanese master frame-builder.

Sought by collectors and bicycle connoisseurs throughout the globe, nothing compares to gracing the streets on the saddle of a vintage chromoly bike that's been meticulously crafted with Japanese precision and beauty.

Cycle in style on a rotating lineup of classic road and track bike frames from the revered Japanese bicycle workshops of Zunow, 3Rensho, Nagasawa, Toei, Ganwell, Kalavinka, Nakagawa, Cherubim and company.

Backstreets, sidewalks and riverside cycling trails; this 20 km+ Tokyo vintage bike tour will provide it all as we ride the eclectic Tokyo wards of Nakano, Suginami, Musashino, and Mitaka on the inner west side of this bustling city.


  • The minimum age requirement for this road bike tour is 16 years old. Families with younger children have the option of booking a private family cycling tour of the local neighbourhoods. Child bike seats and children's bikes can be provided for the younger adventurers.

  • This bike ride has been tailored as an unadulterated road bike ride through the backstreets of Tokyo. Formulaic sightseeing stops are NOT in the itinerary.

  • For the group's enjoyment and your safety, you should be competent on a performance road bike, equipped with drop handlebars and downtube shifters, in often tight, crowded and challenging conditions.

  • For the group's enjoyment, you should be able to cycle approximately 15km - 25km at a safe but moderate pace on crowded sidewalks, roads, uneven surfaces and through often testing traffic conditions.

  • Basic cruiser style bicycles, that seat riders in a more ergonomic position, are available for those not comfortable or competent on a road bike. We ride to the ability of the weakest participant.

  • Backpacks and other items can be stored safely if you don’t wish to carry them along for the ride.

  • Please appreciate that you’ve chosen an outdoor activity that may be impacted by the weather. In the event of wet and slippery conditions or persistent rain the experience may be cancelled.

  • Please refer to DIG's FAQ and T&C pages for further tour specifics or feel free to contact me directly.

Book your next Tokyo bike tour instantly via the secure booking calendar below. For large groups, families and dates and times not displayed feel free to give me a shout directly via e-mail or the Contact Form.

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"Awesome ride! Andy is a great guy and took me on an awesome route around the city. If you love biking and exploring cities this is the trip for you. The vintage road bikes were amazing and I would highly recommend them for anyone who has ridden a road bike before and appreciates vintage bikes. If not you’ll be better off with a cruiser bike and have just as much fun. I would definitely go on another ride with Andy!"



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"It was so much fun having this tour riding handmade steel classic Japanese bike which is very comfortable! Andy very friendly and tells any interesting information about the road we ride thru. He also a bike enthusiast so we also got many information about it. Excellent tour for me and my friend enjoying the tour with a host like Andy! Hope sometime we could do it again with different routes! Thanks so much Andy!"


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"If we could we would ride all day every day with Andy. We got to see a side of Tokyo that as a tourist you usually don’t get to see – the neighborhoods where the people of Tokyo live and spend time. Lots of beautiful parks and hidden paths that take you away from the hustle of Tokyo’s center and into a much calmer world. Andy took great care of us: picked us up, made sure we weren’t tired and were doing good during the ride, and showed us the way back to our station. We also learned a lot about living in Tokyo from Andy. Please make sure you can comfortably ride over 20km at a medium pace, and you will have the best time."


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DIG Tokyo Tours is a sole operated Tokyo bike tour, street food and walking experience provider, based in the offbeat Tokyo neighbourhoods of Nakano, Koenji and Asagaya.


Only a stone’s throw away from the major Tokyo sightseeing hubs of Shinjuku and Shibuya, DIG aspires to provide the discerning traveller with an honest local insight into the neighbourhoods and communities on the inner west-side of town.


Each of DIG’s immersive and socially responsible small-group, family and private offerings are unmistakably unique to any other tour operator in Tokyo. So jump on a bike or join me on foot for a whirlwind Tokyo cycling tour or colourful street food voyage through the vibrant backstreets away from the tourist crowds.


Andy   (Owner Operator)


Departure Points

Bike Tours: Koenji Station, Tokyo City

6 minute JR train ride from Shinjuku Station.

16 minute JR train ride from Shibuya Station.

Food Tours: Nakano Station, Tokyo City

4 minute JR train ride from Shinjuku Station.

14 minute JR train ride from Shibuya Station.

Contact DIG Tokyo Tours

Company Address

3-9-10 Yamatocho, Nakano, 
Tokyo Japan, 165-0034

DIG Tokyo Tours is taking all necessary precautions to keep its guests and local community members fit and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. For any concerns regarding tour itineraries or specific health and safety measures feel free to get in touch. I hope to see you over this side of Tokyo soon, Andy!