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Venture into offbeat parts of Tokyo missed by most visitors and explore the city like a local: on two wheels. This Tokyo bike tour takes you on a whirlwind cycling jaunt through the twisting backstreets, vibrant entertainment hubs and riverside bike paths away from the tourist crowds.


  • Cycle the eclectic Tokyo neighbourhoods of Nakano, Koenji and Asagaya on a salvaged Japanese 'mamachari' bicycle.

  • Enjoy a 'salaryman' style lunch experience and a handful of street food eats from popular neighbourhood vendors.

  • Ride the twisting backstreets, riverside bike paths and bustling activity hubs away from the tourist crowds.

  • A small group or private bike tour ensures an intimate cycling experience.

  • Gain a new appreciation of life in the streets of Tokyo, Japanese cycling culture and an eye-opening introduction to the city's vibrant inner west-side.


​Jump on board a salvaged 'mamachari' bicycle and join a like minded group of guests on an ALL INCLUSIVE cycling, walking and food jaunt on the inner west side of Tokyo.

Delve into the eclectic local neighbourhoods of Nakano, Koenji and Asagaya as we pedal to the rhythm of everyday life on this all-season, all-weather Tokyo cycling tour.

With the insider knowledge of a seasoned local guide, nothing's off limits as we discover the urban landscapes, offbeat attractions and enticing cuisine that gives these culturally rich enclaves their distinctive character.

Test your cycling dexterity as we ride the twisting backstreets, learn about the intricacies of neighbourhood life, enjoy a tailored selection of Japanese street food eats, experience first-hand Tokyo's unique cycling culture and jostle for counter space with hungry ‘salarymen’ as we refuel for lunch.

The possibilities are endless as we set off to ride a captivating side of Tokyo on our sometimes creaky, sometimes squeaky but always immaculately maintained ‘mamachari’ bikes.



Tokyo West-Side Cycling & Food Tour












Small group ride ¥12,000

Private ride from ¥10,000

9:30 am morning ride

2:00 pm afternoon ride

On request bookings available

JR Koenji Station

6 min train ride from Shinjuku

16 min train ride from Shibuya

3.5 to 4 hours

12 - 15 km (7.5 - 9.5 mi)

A moderate level of fitness and cycling competency is recommended to fully enjoy this cycling jaunt

The minimum age for the small group ride is 10. For families with younger children, please enquire about the private ride option

Min 1 - Max 7

A minimum of 2 guests is required for the small group ride to operate

This is an English speaking bike tour welcoming cyclists of all nationalities

A typical 'salaryman' style lunch experience at a popular neighbourhood eatery

2 Japanese street food eats from longstanding neighbourhood vendors

Your choice of drink from one of Japan's 5+ million vending machines

Bicycle parking fees; experience parking your bike 'Tokyo style'

Cycling liability insurance; just in case!

None! This is an all inclusive bike ride

Checkout the   FAQ guide for further tour specifics and Tokyo cycling insights



Cycling on mamachari bikes past BnA commissioned street art in Koenji, Tokyo


Cycle the sprawling 'shotengai' and back streets of Koenji. An infectious melting pot of subcultures, alternative music, vintage clothing stores and a thriving independent bar scene. Branded as the ‘birthplace of Japanese punk music’ and referenced in author Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84, a stroll through the character filled streets of Koenji should be high on the list of any discerning traveller.

Local tip: Say hello to Miho and the gang at Kosugi-yu, Koenji’s flourishing local bathhouse. There’s no better way to immerse yourself in suburban Tokyo life than getting your gear off with a bunch of local personalities and melting away into the soothing waters.

Cherry blossoms along the Zenpukuji River in spring


Shift down a gear or two and ride the meandering bike trails of the Zenpukiji River. Cycle past children at play in the lush parklands, photographers snapping away at local birdlife and musicians strumming their guitars on tree stumps, left as a reminder of the last typhoon. It’s easy to forget that you’re a brisk 20 minute ride from the busiest train station on the planet.

Local tip: Pull up a milkcrate  and drop a lure at Musashino Gardens Fishing Pond. Often the backdrop for the odd television drama, this ‘tsuriba’ is a real blast from the past. Grab a bite to eat from the innards of a ‘popcorn dispensing ninja’ and celebrate with a ‘Hoppy’ or two after a successful catch.

Security guard standing firm at the Takashi Murakami store in Nakano Broadway


Park your bike and venture into the bustling alleyways of Nakano, one of Tokyo’s ‘most underrated neighbourhoods’. Nakano Broadway with its jumble of ‘otaku’ centric retailers is the primary drawcard for many but the real heart of Nakano lies in its cozy backstreets teeming with boisterous ‘izakaya’ and pocket-sized bars. Come nightfall, the ornate street-lamps and storefront lanterns transform Nakano’s paved alleys into a stunning adult playland.

Local Tip: If you’re looking to compliment your already impressive vinyl collection, don’t pass up the opportunity to drop by Flower Record Nakano. I’ll let you make the call if the owner’s an eccentric genius gifted with a ‘photographic memory’ or just a run-of-the-mill hoarder.

RONE street art in the backstreets of Asagaya, Tokyo


Get a whiff of nostalgia as we pedal Asagaya's quaint streets lined with live music bars, retro coffee shops and mom-and-pop ‘izakayas’. Celebrated as an artistic enclave for literature, jazz music and independent cinema, there’s no shortage of neighbourhood treasures to keep you enthralled.

Local tip: Kick-off an evening down Star Road, a former open air black market that’s now home to a lively eating and drinking scene. There aren’t too many ‘yokocho’ in Tokyo that can go head-to-head with Asagaya’s Star Road, if you're chasing that 'real' local night out on the town.

A Japanese man walking past graffiti art in Koenji, Tokyo


Airbnb Tokyo West-Side Cycling & Food Jaunt

"Stop your Airbnb experience searching RIGHT NOW! Andy’s bike tour was one of the best parts of our short trip to Tokyo. Even though we had had a few smaller neighborhood excursions on our time, it didn’t compare to the knowledge and unique places Andy showed us. Not to mention he’s an amazing guy with a wonderfully outgoing personality. Be prepared for out of the way sights, eats and a bit of a thrill zooming around on narrow streets and back alleys. We even went back to some of the areas Andy showed us to dig in a bit deeper. We are so glad we took this trip!!!"

Rebecca & Alexander

Tripadvisor 2020 Travelers' Choice Award: Best Bike Tours in Tokyo

"Spending my last full day in Tokyo biking around Nakano / Koenji / Asagaya was an excellent decision. Andy has a bright and fun energy and was a thoughtful guide as he showed us his neighborhood. We ate some some of the best noodles and snacks that I had during my trip! This is great way to get out of the bustle of Shinjuku or Shibuya and see the way people simply live in Tokyo. Andy made sure to check in with our group to see how we were handling the bike ride, provided ample stops for pictures and enjoying the scenery--and did I mention the delicious food? Definitely a unique experience that I would repeat in a second."


Google Reviews Link: Bike Tour Reviews In Tokyo

This was a really fantastic Tokyo experience! Myself, my wife and our three boys (13, 12 & 11) had a great day with Andy, cycling around the west side of Tokyo. Andy was very knowledgeable, helpful, safety conscious (great when you have kids) and very engaging. He lead us on an exciting bike ride through the back streets of Tokyo and we feasted on some delicious, local Japanese snacks and lunch on route. Our whole family couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces at the end! Thanks Andy for a very memorable day!



Book your next Tokyo bike tour instantly via the secure booking calendar below. For large groups, families with young children and dates and times not displayed feel free to give me a shout directly via andy@digtokyotours or the Contact Page.


  • This is a ‘no-fuss’ biking, walking and food experience with an emphasis on socialising, exploration and local discovery. There won’t be any ‘major sightseeing’ or ‘fine dining’ stops along our cycling route for the day.

  • For the enjoyment of all guests attending and for your personal safety, it’s recommended that you’re competent riding a bike through narrow and potentially crowded streets and on uneven surfaces for a distance of roughly 12 - 15 km (7.5 - 9.5 mi).

  • For the small group rides, guests should be over 10 years of age and 140 cm in height (4'7) to comfortably ride the mamachari bikes. For families with younger children, please contact me directly and I’m always happy to curate a family friendly cycling adventure.

  • All salvaged ‘mamachari’ bicycles come equipped with front baskets that have the capacity to hold a standard sized backpack.

  • Bike helmets are optional for cyclists over the age of 12 in Tokyo but can be provided for all participants on request.

  • Japanese cuisine often contains meat and seafood elements, with ‘dashi’ being a common base ingredient. Please understand that we will be visiting typical neighbourhood eateries and that it can be difficult to cater to personal tastes, dietary requirements and food allergies. Feel free to tuck into as much or as little of the food as you wish. If the selection of eats on the day doesn’t quite satisfy your dietary requirements, just give the word and I’m more than happy to discount the food element on any cycling tour.

  • Group size, environmental factors and the speed in which the group eats and cycles will all impact on our finishing time. As a rough guide, it’s a 3.5 to 4 hour outing.

  • Please appreciate that cycling is an outdoor activity that may be impacted by the weather. If we encounter a rainy day, basic ponchos will be provided and our ride generally proceeds as planned.

  • By attending the Tokyo West-Side Cycling & Food Tour you acknowledge the adventurous nature of the ride and that participation can involve a degree of personal risk. Cycling liability insurance is included for the cycling portion of our experience together but you are expected to possess comprehensive travel insurance to protect yourself from any unforeseen incidents.

  • Be sure to check out DIG's FAQ and T&C pages for further tour specifics or feel free to contact me directly at any time!