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Unravel the 'Sights, Colours & Flavours of Singapore' with P.S

I had a surprise visit from P.S at Everyday Tour Company Singapore on the Tokyo West-Side Vintage Road Bike Tour the other week.

It was brilliant introducing P.S to the local neighbouhoods of Tokyo by bike and chatting together about the similarities and contrasts between the two cities.

P.S, when not on a short getaway in Tokyo, is the hardworking CEO 'Chief Everything Officer' behind ETC. As an avid foodie and chef by training, she has a true passion introducing guests to the top eats and local streets in Singapore's vibrant neighbourhoods. As P.S puts it- 'We skip the “attractions” and take you to a hidden Singapore that might otherwise take you months or years to understand. We share with you the things we learned and discovered through the many years of living in Singapore. We know the city at the back of our hands and will indulge your curiosity for whatever question you might have – society, culture, food, arts, history, politics.'

ETC's Everyday Street Art & Street Food Tour has become an instant hit and the flourishing Everyday Secrets of Singapore Public Housing HDB Tour is the perfect way to experience local Singaporean life at it fullest. Thanks for dropping by P.S, it was real pleasure riding Tokyo with you and I know where my first stop will be in Singapore when I'm next over. Can't wait to catch up again and get your local take on the food, sights and personalities in your local neighbourhoods!

You can discover more about P.S and her services here:

Everyday Tour Company

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