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Tokyo West-Side Izakaya & Bar Tours

Asagaya Shimai Bar Tokyo
Asagaya Shimai Bar in Ichiban Gai, Asagaya

I've had many brilliant nights out with guests in the gritty neighbourhood drinking hubs of Koenji, Asagaya, Nishi-Ogikubo, Nakano and Kichijoji. Unfortunately due a demanding family-life schedule in the evenings, instant bookings for the Tokyo West-Side Izakaya & Bar Tour will no longer be active.

To make up for this inconvenience, an izakaya stop has been added to the itinerary on the Tokyo West-Side Walking & Street Food Tour and if my schedule permits I'm always happy to run a private evening izakaya tour in the local neighbourhoods.

Bookings for the Tokyo West-Side Walking & Street Food Tour can be made instantly here. For the possibility of a local night out on the town, please contact me directly. If the timing isn't feasible I'm always happy to introduce the services of a trusted local guide to show you a great night out.

I've included the old writeup for the Tokyo West Side Izakaya & Bar Tour below. As with any of my outings it's a flexible evening and more importantly a very typical Tokyo night out on the town.

Bottles of Aashi and Kirin Beer in ice outside a Tokyo Izakaya
Ice cold beers on a hot summer's night

At A Glance

Pull up a stool and enjoy a drink or two on an authentic izakaya, bar and food tour along the JR Chuo Line in Tokyo's west. Bump shoulders with the locals in Nakano, Koenji and Asagaya as we enjoy a yakitori dinner and delve into the regions nightlife hot spots.

Tachinomi Futa Kun Izakaya in Star Road Asagaya
Suck in the second hand smoke at a hole-in-the-wall izakaya.


  • Explore the vibrant nightlife and drinking districts of Nakano, Koenji and Asagaya by foot and rail.

  • Visit a minimum of 3 atmospheric local venues. Izakayas, yakitori restaurants, bars, 'tachinomi' standing bars, local drinking establishments; we'll see them all.

  • Enjoy a typical yakitori dinner and sample a wide array of alcoholic drinks unique to this great country.

  • Bump shoulders with the locals while enjoying a beer, Japanese whiskey, shochu or cup of 'nihonshu' (sake) recommended by the owner.

Izakaya street in Nakano, Tokyo
Endless options in Nakano's rowdy drinking yokocho


Discover the inner west-side of Tokyo on a casual izakaya, bar, food and nightlife tour. This experience is conducted in a small private group setting to ensure the evening is nice and personal and so we can physically squeeze into the 'Tokyo sized' drinking holes.

Meeting at JR Koenji Station, we'll introduce ourselves over a quick drink while plotting the venues we plan to visit for the evening.

Enjoy some great food over a few relaxed drinks or go all out and opt to visit one of the many affordable 'nomihodai' (all you can drink) izakayas to kick-start the evening.

All izakaya and nightlife itineraries are 100% flexible with your personal interests, culinary tastes and drinking ability always in mind.


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