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Small group cycling, street food, izakaya and family bike adventures on Tokyo's eclectic West-Side. Jump on a bike or join me on foot for a 'no fuss' local experience in the vibrant Tokyo neighbourhoods of Nakano, Koenji, Asagaya and Kichijoji that I call home.

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Office Address

3-9-10 Yamatocho, Nakano,

Tokyo Japan, 165-0034

Departure Points

Cycling Tours: Koenji Station, Tokyo City

6 minutes JR Train ride from Shinjuku Station.

Food Tours: Nakano Station, Tokyo City

4 minutes JR Train ride from Shinjuku Station.

  • Andy.

Tokyo City Flea Market

Updated: Mar 10

The Tokyo City Flea Market is your one stop Tokyo shopping destination for bargain hunting.

Rummage through the car park aisles for used kimonos, 35mm film cameras, Japanese artwork, wartime memorabilia, discount clothing and all the junk you don't need in your life.

Not a bad way to waste an hour or so before things start to fire up for the weekend in Tokyo.