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Panasonic Road Bike, POS PC-1200 G, Gold Anniversary Edition: Japanese Bike of the Week January 2021

Vintage Panasonic Road Bike PC-1200 Gold Anniversary Limited Edition
Panasonic POC PC-1200 Gold Anniversary Limited Edition

A very rare bike up for auction this week with dismal photos by the seller to do it any real justice. A well kept vintage Panasonic POC PC-1200 G road bike distributed as a limited anniversary model to celebrate the original release of the bike back in 1988.

Limited Edition Shimano Gold Shifters
Gold Shimano 105 Shifters

The obvious highlight of this classic Panasonic bike is the attached gold Shimano 105 groupset which appears to be in next to new condition.

Shimano 105 gold and white derailleur.
Rear gold and white derailleur in mint condition.

Originally retailing for 120,000 JPY, I'm sure the winning bidder will walk away with a steal and a very collectable Shimano gold 105 groupset that's bound to be highly sort after for years to come.

Vintage Japanese Panasonic PC-1200 road bike.
The photography doesn't do this vintage Panasonic PC-1200 justice.

Currently tracking to sell at just over 60,000 JPY with surprisingly little interest, more than likely due to the poor photos..., it'll be intriguing to see if the bike is stripped by a reseller and the components end up on the very same auction site in the coming weeks.

Photos courtesy of Yahoo Auction Japan


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