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"I’ve been on several bike tours in Osaka and Tokyo, but this one was truly exceptional!"

Guest reviews of 2024 Tokyo Bike Tour

"Wow, definitely one of the top highlights of my trip and a must for anyone new to Japan! Andy went out of his way to make this tour a fun, relaxing, informative and safe ride through the Westend district of Tokyo.

Consisting of a small manageable group of 5 riders, I was lucky to be riding with like minded fun people, with my daughter, 2 dutch tourists and a French tourist all in tow wanting to see an authentic side of Tokyo only a guide like Andy could bring you. Biking through the back streets of Tokyo and mixing it with the locals, we blended seamlessly into the hustle and bustle that is the complex Japanese way of life. Both on the streets and at the frantic peak business hour lunch break we felt like locals!

Absolutely loved every part of this journey and would definitely do it again when back. I highly recommend you book this experience in the first couple of days of your trip. Or keep the whole day free like we did, so you can either try to incorporate some of the sights back into your Tokyo adventure. My daughter and I went back and retraced a few key stops and then spent the evening dining in Nakano City to avoid the peak hour train going back to our stay. Nakano ended up being our favourite district now, it was a pleasure riding with a fellow Aussie, so thank you Andy."

Jarrett (Melbourne)

"Our experience with Andy was unbelievable. He’s a super generous guide and host, and while the cycling was a good 7-8 miles - it was a really gentle and flat spin. The kind that is always intricate, really fun and interesting, and so easy you don’t want it to stop. For our small group, the parts on foot included amazing stops for excellent food (soba), quirky shops, and a real life sub-grade bicycle garage. You will learn a lot about Tokyo culture, with a great analysis of the key role of cycling as mandated and practiced here in Tokyo. Andy is a safe guide. He provided keen cultural commentary, wit, and a winningly open manner. This is an off the beaten track and lovely part of working / middle class west tokyo. We felt cozy and right at home, and spent the night following our afternoon ride at several amazing establishments following terrific recommendations. Thanks Andy!!

Joel (United States)

"I’ve been on several bike tours in Osaka n Tokyo, but this one was truly exceptional! With the meticulously planned route, every detail was thoughtfully considered. Prior to the ride, he also shared about how the ride would be, to ensure that we are able to follow on such rides. Andy was not only knowledgeable about the local history and scenery but also incredibly attentive to the needs and safety of every rider. He checked on us at every turn, paused whenever possible/convenient, updating on what’s coming up next and how long before the next point. He definitely went above and beyond to ensure we had an unforgettable experience, including impromptu stops at hidden gems. Andy sets a new standard for excellence and our future bike tours. Highly recommended! Such an eye-opening experience visiting suburbs beyond Ueno, Shinjuku and Shibuya."

Kelly (Singapore)

Thanks for the kind support everyone through the first half of 2024!

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