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Experience Suginami Cycling Feature

Experience Suginami Tokyo Cycling Tour and Map

I had the recent privilege of curating a local cycling experience for the kind folks down at Experience Suginami. Spending the best part of a sunny afternoon with the team, we visited a handful of my favourite but lesser frequented spots around the Tokyo neighbourhoods of Koenji and Asagaya. From 'A-San No Niwa' (Totoro's House), to riding down paved alleys of Koenji and finishing off with a cold beer in Asagaya's Star Road, it was a memorable day out for all.

A big thanks to Greg, Diego and Elvira for coming along for the ride and all the members of the Experience Suginami Team for putting the feature together. For anything Koenji, Asagaya, Ogikubo and Nishi Ogikubo related, the Experience Suginami website and printed guides at stations along the JR Chuo Line provide an excellent read for unbiased local insights into the area.

So please check out the feature in full and feel free to complete the ride solo or join a bunch of other like minded guests on one of DIG Tokyo Tours Cycling and Food Experiences and discover the back streets of Tokyo as a seasoned local!


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