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Tokyo Cherry Blossom Bike Tours: Cycle Under The Neighbourhood Sakura

Tokyo Cherry Blossom Bike Tours, 2023 Sakura Season

A huge thanks to everyone who booked one of my Tokyo bike tours over the New Years period and current ski season, it certainly kept me planted on the saddle and out of trouble!

It was difficult to predict how tourism would bounce back when Japan opened its borders to the world back in October but it didn't take too long for first time visitors and annual stalwarts to nestle themselves into the ramen stores, small dive bars and world-class alpine ski resorts once again.

Just a very quick heads up that cycling tours are rapidly filling up for March and April so I suggest booking that Tokyo cherry blossom bike ride now if you've been holding off.

Group cycling tours have all but filled up for March and the first half of April and I'm running low on morning availability for both the Tokyo West-Side Cycling and Food Tour and Tokyo West-Side Classic Road Bike Tour.

I do however have some private afternoon sessions stashed away that aren't currently displayed on my booking calendars. I've kept theses spots deliberately in-reserve to prevent me from burning out, which was pretty close to happening with the high demand for family bike tours in January.

It's not uncommon to receive last minute cancellations, I've just processed two this morning, so please check the availabilities calendar again closer to your desired booking dates or send me an email directly for bike ride availability still not displayed.

I've just finished off piecing together this beautiful 3Rensho (三連勝) road bike for the vintage bike fleet yesterday afternoon that will look right at home under the cherry blossoms which are forecast to be in full bloom in Tokyo March 29th. I was in desperate need of another smaller sized frame for the Vintage Road Bike Tour and this will fill the gap nicely as well as looking quite fitting with its pink and white paint scheme darting along Tokyo's sakura lined cycling paths.

3RENSHO road bike, pink and white frame, vintage bike fleet Tokyo

I haven't written a post for a while due to time constraints but being bogged down by snow today, as you can currently see out my window, has been the perfect excuse...

Small Tokyo backstreets for cycling on bike tours

It's been a mild winter here otherwise thankfully, with crisp blue skies, but I'm looking forward to some warmer weather, stunning spring scenery and great company and laughs as always on the bikes!

Don't hold off! Book your March, April and Tokyo Sakura Bike Tours here-




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