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Tokyo Backstreet Bike Tours

A bicycle tour guide talking to cyclists in the backstreets of Tokyo
Tokyo Backstreet Bike Tours

Takeshi from Tokyo Backstreet Bike Tours was kind enough to jump on his yellow Brompton and pedal down to Koenji Chuo Koen to say hello the other week. Takeshi, an avid cyclist, professional travel writer and true gentleman runs bike tours based in and around Asakusa. Like myself, Takeshi is passionate about giving his guests a real feel for the city and “experiencing a side of Tokyo that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to”.

Due to the current circumstances I haven't had the opportunity to join one of Takeshi’s bike rides but I’m always intrigued to learn about a unique patch of Tokyo that I’m less than familiar with.

I wish Takeshi the best with his pursuits as well as all the cycling and tourism operators at the moment. Hopefully we’ll both have the opportunity to ride together soon with a handful of adventurous guests.

You can reach out to Takeshi directly at Tokyo Backstreet Bike Tour or follow his journey around Tokyo on Instagram @l.l.c.trailfinders


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