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Ravanello Track Frame: Japanese Bike of the Week December 2020

Ravanello Hand Made Bicycle Frame by Takamura Seiichi
'Ravanello' is the Italian word for 'radish' in English.

Pro-Shop Takamura (自転車プロショップ、タカムラ製作所) operates in the quaint back streets of Nerima Tokyo, a quick 15 minutes on the bike from my place. If you're at all interested in the inner-workings of a Japanese frame building workshop, there's some brilliant 360 degree photos posted on google of Seiichi Takamura's Ravanello workspace that are well worth checking out.

Ravanello bicycle frame with Campagnolo dropouts
Crafted by frame builder: Takamura Seiichi of Nerima, Tokyo

Ravanello custom made bike frames are handcrafted for both professional and casual cyclists alike. No matter the style of frame, Mr Takamura's building philosophy is that it's essential to have a bike that fits with excellent 'running' and cornering performance.

"Ravanello, For Gentle Cyclist".

This striking blue Ravanello Track frame with Campagnolo dropouts that appeared on Yahoo Auctions the other week is a fine example of Japanese frame building and Mr Takamura's expert craftsmanship.

The rare 57cm frame ended up going for just over 100,000 JPY.

Photos courtesy of Yahoo Auction Japan


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