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Cycling the Backstreets of Tokyo with Alastair Humphreys

Alastair Humphrys on Tokyo West-Side Cycling & Food Tour

I had the absolute pleasure of bashing around the streets of Tokyo with Alistair Humphreys, English adventurer, author and fellow cyclist a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful little group that day as we navigated the twisting streets on our 'stock issued' mamachari bicycles and appreciated the intricacies of everyday Tokyo life on the back of our saddles.

Al Humphreys Tokyo Cycling

Thanks for the mention Al, it's very humbling! You're a true gentleman and I hope we have the opportunity to cycle the streets of Tokyo again on a future adventure.

If you're interested in following Al's pursuits or getting stuck into one of his many excellent publishings, the below links offer a great introduction to what Alastair Humphreys is all about:

Alastair Humphrys exploring Tokyo, Japan by bicycle

If you're keen to experience a 'no-frills' side of Tokyo in the fashion Al did, on the back of a squeaky mamachari bike with some good food thrown in, then feel free to check out my Tokyo West-Side Cycling & Food Tour or give me a shout directly.

I look forward to seeing you on your next 'Microadventure',



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