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"A+ 10/10 experience" on the Tokyo West-Side Cycling & Food Tour

A guest riding a bicycle on a Tokyo bike tour

A very kind comment left by Christine after her morning out on the bikes with her mates John and Steven on the Tokyo West-Side Cycling and Food Tour-

Andy's tour is perfect for anybody looking to explore a more local, intimate side of Tokyo through food, culture, and (of course) bicycling. Andy is knowledgeable, professional, and very easy to talk to. He did a great job checking in on his guests at various points throughout the tour and sharing interesting historical/cultural anecdotes and tidbits throughout our 3.5 hours together.

My favorite parts of the bike tour included the pit stop at the fishing pond, the view of Koenji from an elevated vantage point, delicious kishimen at the standing noodle bar for lunch, and, funnily enough, the visit to an underground churinjo (bicycle parking lot) before we embarked on foot to Nakano Broadway.

It'd also be remiss of me not to mention the absolute joy of riding a Mamachari...they're fun and have a ton of character! I think this cycling tour is best suited for folks that have at least a casual degree of comfort and ability on the bike (e.g., the ability to maintain control while riding in a straight line + dexterity and confidence turning right and left + avoiding road obstacles like traffic bollards + controlling speed via handbrakes + situational awareness of other riders/people/cars). You definitely don't need to be an avid rider to take this tour.

Outside of my weekly Peloton-ing, I hadn't actually ridden a bike outside in...years! But I felt fine and comfortable on Andy's tour because he's a great communicator and ensures that everyone is well cared for. Riding behind Andy is the best and safest if you're a nervous rider. He does a great job scanning the road, communicating potential obstacles to you, and notifying the group of oncoming traffic.

All in all, an A+++++++++ 10/10 experience. I've already recommended this bike tour to all of my friends who plan to visit Tokyo and will definitely re-book with DIG Tokyo Tours the next time I'm back in town.

Thanks for the all the support Christine and for joining the Tokyo West-Side Cycling & Food Tour!

There's always a bike ready for you all here on your next visit!




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