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Back Cycling Tokyo With The Cool Breeze In September!

Tokyo summer bike tours

I hope everyone's been enjoying the warm start to summer!

After a 3 year hiatus the Koenji Awaodori and Tokyo's vibrant summer festival scene are back in full swing as Japan ever so slowly returns to precovid normality.

I'll be taking a break from bike tours and bike rentals over the hottest month of August this year but will be raring to go again in September once things start to cool down.

All of DIG Tokyo Tours booking calendars are up-to-date so if you can spot the availability from September it's up for grabs and it'd be brilliant to see you over this side of town.

If you're over here in August enjoy the stay! There's always Okutama, Mt Takao and the beaches of Kamakura a short train ride out from central Tokyo if you're looking for an escape from the heat.

Looking forward to to being back on the bikes again and riding the knotted streets of Tokyo in September!



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