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Small group cycling, street food, izakaya and family bike adventures on Tokyo's eclectic West-Side. Jump on a bike or join me on foot for a 'no fuss' local experience in the vibrant Tokyo neighbourhoods of Nakano, Koenji, Asagaya and Kichijoji that I call home.

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3-9-10 Yamatocho, Nakano,

Tokyo Japan, 165-0034

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Cycling Tours: Koenji Station, Tokyo City

6 minutes JR Train ride from Shinjuku Station.

Food Tours: Nakano Station, Tokyo City

4 minutes JR Train ride from Shinjuku Station.

  • Andy.

Ride Tokyo on a Handcrafted Japanese Chromoly Bicycle

Updated: Mar 10

I'm delighted to introduce, via the Airbnb Experience program, a vintage chromoly cycling experience around the neighbourhoods of Koenji, Asagaya, Ogikubo, Nishiogikubo and Kichijoji in West Tokyo.

As an avid collector/hoarder of Japanese bicycle frames and components, this new ride presents the perfect excuse to brush off the dust and get these exquisite bikes back out on the streets of Tokyo where they belong.

Tight backstreets, crowded sidewalks, hills, leafy bike trails, areas of industry and urban decay; the course for the day will provide it all!

Extract from Airbnb:

"Adjust your seat post, tuck your trouser leg into your sock and get set for a whirlwind ride through the local neighbourhoods of Tokyo on a 'steel' bicycle, handcrafted by a Japanese master frame builder.

Sort by collectors and bicycle enthusiasts throughout the globe, nothing compares to gracing the streets aboard a performance chromoly bike frame that's been meticulously crafted with Japanese precision and beauty.

Cycle in style on a rotating lineup of road frames from the revered Japanese workshops of Zunow, 3Rensho, Nagasawa, Toei, Ganwell, Kalavinka, Nakagawa, Cherubim and company.

Backstreets, sidewalks and riverside bike paths; we'll navigate them all as we cycle through the charming Tokyo wards of Suginami, Mitaka and Musashino on the inner west side of the city."

Bookings can be made via the Airbnb website: Steel the Sun: A Tokyo Bike Ride.