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Tokyo Fat Tire Bike Tour Network

Tokyo Fat Tire Bike Tour Network

DIG Tokyo Tours is proud to be representing the city of Tokyo as part of the Fat Tire Tours Bike Tour Network. This exciting new network launched to unite some of the best bike tour operators from around the globe and more importantly create a credible cycling tour booking platform for inquisitive guests.

Over the years I’ve had more than my fair share of guests mention that they were surprised they couldn't find Fat Tire Bike Tours in Tokyo. As I've learnt, many of these guests use Fat Tire as their go to tour provider when travelling the world and from all the positive word of mouth I can see why. The Fat Tire team have not only been phenomenal in working towards launching the project but also extremely generous in sharing their vast amounts of industry knowledge with operators such as myself.

From initial online get-togethers with fellow members of the network, topics such as ebikes, reservation platforms and insights into how to provide guests with the best possible bike tours have all been discussed. As a small cycling tour operator, in the pretty cut-throat tourism industry, gaining these insights from longstanding operators across the globe has been invaluable.

It’s been a rough few years for many members of the bike network but there's very encouraging signs, particularly in Europe and the United States, that bookings are trending up in 2022. Unfortunately here in Japan things are still a way off with borders still closed to international tourists and a backlog of student and business visas still to process until anything really meaningful kicks off. My forecast… is that international tourism to Japan should resume in 2023 but let's keep our fingers crossed that things start to happen a little earlier for the struggling service sector in Japan’s internationally acclaimed ski fields.

DIG Tokyo Tours won’t be running any ‘branded’ Fat Tire Bike Tours in Tokyo but what you will get is my own unique style and warm welcome as we set off into the back streets of Tokyo by bike.

I'm excited about the growth of this network and look forward to expanding upon the relationships with the many outstanding bike tour operators selected to represent their cities. More importantly though, I can't wait to greet a few new faces that have stumbled upon my Tokyo bike tours via the Fat Tire Tours Bike Tour Network and enjoy a local day out together cycling the streets of this amazing city.




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