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Tokyo 2020 Cherry Blossom Cycling Tours

Tokyo 2020 Cherry Blossom Cycling Tour

It's that time of year again when the blue picnic tarps roll out, the booze flows freely and the cherry blossoms begin to welcome in the warmer weather here in Tokyo. It's been a tough and unpredictable start to 2020 with toilet paper and all the best flavoured cup noodles disappearing off the shelves. But if there's one thing that we can always count on here in Tokyo, it's the cherry blossoms ushering in spring and good times.

What better way to experience the festivities, community spirit and early morning drunks than jumping on a bike and cycling Tokyo's backstreets and riverside bike paths draped in blossom.

I hope to see you out on the west-side of Tokyo for some specially curated bike tours throughout the 2020 Tokyo cherry blossom season. With the warmer weather this year, both the Zenpukuji and Kanda rivers are shaping up to be spectacular.

For individual, small group and family Tokyo cherry blossom cycling tours, feel free to book through the DIG Tokyo Tours website or shoot me a line directly. (Toilet paper currently accepted as hard currency.)



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