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Is Tokyo a Bike Friendly City?

A Japanese girl on her mamachari bicycle, cycling in Tokyo.

Tokyo is a very bike orientated city with an estimated 15% of all daily commutes around town made on two wheels. However… when compared to cycling friendly cities like Copenhagen or Amsterdam, Tokyo lacks the formal bicycle infrastructure of these progressive capitals.

In Tokyo, cars, bikes and pedestrians all share the same narrow streets with patience and in most cases a mutual respect. As bikes fall into somewhat of a grey area between licensed vehicles and pedestrians, Tokyo’s cycling culture and riding etiquette can at times be all-over-the-place.

On a DIG cycling tour you won’t be darting down any daunting traffic laden roads but like cycling anywhere in the world you’ll need to have your wits about you as we weave in and out of the thoroughfares.

There’s no city in the world that I’ve enjoyed cycling more than Tokyo. With its tangled backstreets and hidden moments around every corner it’s always genuinely refreshing for me to get out on the bike and explore a new pocket of town.



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